Friday, June 1, 2012

Eight Personal Freedoms Americans have Given Up!

Americans are losing more personal freedoms every year. The government, Big Brother, whatever you want to call it, has been slowly taking away our personal freedoms away from us more every year.  And then the government charges us more taxes to have the pleasure of doing so.

Here are just a few of the freedoms that have been taken away from us:

1. Driving without a seat belt. That law came down in the early 1980's. You must wear a seat belt, or else get a ticket by a policeman for not doing so. There were even seat belt stop points where cops pulled people over to check and see if everyone had their seat belts on, and if the baby sitting in his car seat had a seat belt strapped onto the seat also.

2. Smoking in public. At first local governments made laws telling smokers they couldn't smoke at work. You would have to go outside to smoke , and get another break from working---kind of a reward to all people who smoked and a bit of unfairness to non-smokers.Then many cities administered new laws that people could not smoke at bars, or restaurants. Soon, every public place would not allow a smoker to light up.

3. How's this for taking away your personal freedoms? Some cities, neighborhoods in America have been enforcing this for many years; telling homeowners, condo and townhouse owners what kind of pools, fences, colors of homes, mailboxes, and other items they can have or not have at their very own homes. Where my in laws live their neighborhood association tells residents they can't have garage or yard sales.

4. Buying a drink larger than 32 ounces in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg is trying to make this a law of major big brother enforcement. If Bloomberg has his way, no restaurant will be able to sell a drink to anyone that is over 32 ounces.

5. Telling people they can't engage in certain activities in city parks, such as: roller skating, skateboarding, walking a dog, riding bikes. Usually it is the cities where there is no place for kids to skateboard, and ride bikes that try to restrict these activities. That's when kids will ride their skateboards on city streets, and walking paths, because they are bored, and have no other place to do so.

6.Using a cellphone while driving. Personally I can see allowing people to talk on their cellphones while driving. But texting takes more concentration, and should not be allowed while driving.  Sometimes texting should be banned while walking.

7. Allowing farm animals to live in the city. We lived in a medium sized city for 13 years, and a strange ordinance came about. The city declared that  farm animals such as chickens, pigs, goats, sheep etc, could not live in the city. Personally, I figured if they could find a decent place for decent rent then what was the problem?

8. Being politically correct. Why do we have to speak in politically correct language? It's ridiculous to have to think of longer words to say, that mean one thing. You can't say someone is FAT, you have to say, a person is on the slightly plump side.You  can't say anything anymore, for fear of getting sued, or hurting another person's feelings. You may say---'it seems like, or allegedly.' You can't say 'black person', anymore, you must say 'African American person.' So why is it still politically correct to say 'white person?' Shouldn't that be--"Anglo- American person?'

Seriously!! How many more personal freedoms will be taken away from us this year? Now that we can't own farm animals in the city, drink Big Gulps, or smoke at a bar, we might as well move to Australia, where freedoms are more prevalent. Copyright (c), 2012, written by Kate Johns

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