Friday, June 1, 2012

Does it really matter that Ellen De Generes is gay and is promoting J. C. Penny's? by Kate Johns

 A relative of mine recently said she was not shopping at J. C. Penney's anymore because they supported gay people. I told her  that didn't matter to me, and it didn't make a difference to me if someone who is gay or not gay supports a product.

What it comes down to is Ellen De Generes married her girlfriend Portia De Rossi, and they are openly gay. Ellen is the spokesperson for the newest marketing scheme Penney's came up with. Which by the way, the marketing scheme is not working for Penny's as overall sales continue to plummet. Sales have been down for J. C. Penney's for the last two years, when they devised a completely new ad/marketing scheme which makes absolutely no sense. (I'd rather get a coupon in the mail for ten bucks off, thank you!)

Really when you think about, Penney's is not supporting gay people---they have one openly gay woman being paid to do their ads, thus promoting the store. I guess you could say, Penny's is supporting two gay people then, because one is getting paid to publicly promote the store, and do ads for Penny's---thus also helping Portia live in a really nice house with Ellen.

Personally, it doesn't matter to me if a person is gay and works in a certain profession. Ellen De Generes is gay and has one of the highest rated talk shows on television right now. Her show is very positive, well done, funny, and makes light of life in general; just the way Ellen De Generes is.

Many people who work in the entertainment industry are gay----but many of these people have not expressed their sexual orientation openly as Ellen did back in 1997 on her TV show called, "Ellen." Tom Cruise has been questioned on his sexual orientation for many years. Singer Adam Lambert is openly gay and is living with his boyfriend. Many gay people also design the beautiful clothing we wear.

Millions of people are gay, and could be working or living right next to you. That's the way life is, and there's no changing what people are. If we all thought this way of not supporting a person or a business because someone was gay, then life as we know it would probably cease to exist. If people who are gay took the political stance of saying they were only going to buy products made by other gay people, not by any heterosexuals, then where would we be? We'd probably be thrown into a civil war with everyone fighting about utter ridiculousness.

No wait a minute, aren't we already at that point? With people arguing over petty things,that really do not matter when you think we only have so long on this planet, and we should make the most of that time spent enjoying life, not arguing about it. Maybe we should stop doing what most of the politicians are doing; arguing about nothing, staying away from real issues that matter. We need to live life, not imitate what politicians, and untalented celebrities are doing and not argue over nothing.

By the way, if you see me, do not pull my hair, or start bitch fight!!

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