Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Signs your child is using drugs

Signs that your child is using drugs are numerous but often times unnoticeable because you aren't looking for them. What is truly scary is that kids under the age of the teen years are now drinking alcohol and doing drugs. You have to look for the signs when they start middle school. This is usually the typical age when children start using drugs. But they may start younger and some kids may start in their later teen years.

 TEN signs that your child could be using drugs:

1. Your child's behavior suddenly changes.  Don't let it slide and ignore her rudeness, or bad behavior. Your child could change her behavior from being very shy and quiet to suddenly becoming the life of the party. Again, you be the judge, and don't attack her, but ask questions. Spend some time with your child. Remember teens aren't the only ones using drugs, kids may start as young as in third grade if the drugs are available. A child can also access the drugs in a household from a drawer or a medicine cabinet. Be aware of where the drugs in your house are.

2. Your child suddenly has an entire new cache of friends to hang out with. If suddenly all her old friends are out, and strange friends show up at your front door, chances are she could be doing drugs. When the friends are drastically different than your child's old friends, and her personality, it is time to investigate. Go through her backpack. Look through her room when she is not home. Invite the friends over and do your best to listen to them talk with your child.

3. Your child  has become very secretive. She spends hours alone in her room, or she won't let you in her room. Start showing up at school to volunteer for what ever you can think of. Drive your child to school, offer to pick her up, instead of letting her ride the bus home. Find out what your child is doing during school, and who her friends are. She might just be trying to fit in by doing drugs. Help your child adjust to a new school by helping her join groups and activities.

4. When your child starts dressing differently and dyeing her hair, she could be doing drugs. Or she may be going through a phase. But if she wants to dress only in black and dye her hair black she might be doing drugs. Talk to her school counselor to see if anyone else noticed major changes with your child. Schedule meetings with her teachers.

5. Another sign that your child may be using drugs is that he has major ups and downs. Hormones play a huge role in this. But when this continues to be a problem, you need to take action. A sign of drug use can be your child pacing nervously during the time he usually is sleeping . He may be stoned when he comes home from school. Get your child involved with activities that he is interested in such as sports, debate team, or another groups that he finds interesting.

6. Another sign is your child loses a lot of weight very quickly. She could be using stimulants such as meth, or speed, that can make a person lose weight fast. Take her to the doctor for a checkup and check her eyes. Sometimes when a person is on drugs the eyes will tell by the iris becoming smaller or very large. Ask your family doctor what the physical signs of drug usage are, so that you can pinpoint them in your child.

7 Your child takes actions that are harmful such as cutting himself, or becoming the kid that runs out into traffic. He may be abusing his body, or getting into physical fights with other kids. Check his room, check your medicine cabinet. Check his Internet usage, whatever it takes to help your child, you need to take action now.

8. He becomes very depressed, or just the opposite-super happy and laughs at everything. He could just be having hormone issues, personal problems, or be depressed. But drugs could be playing a role. Ask if anything is wrong. Ask him to invite friends over to your house. Have his friends over for dinner, to find out what they are like.

9. Another sign is your child gets into trouble a lot at school. He may just be seeking attention, but he might be on drugs. Pay attention to your child. Take him places he likes to go to. Become the coach for his little league team or YMCA team. This way you can have bonding time with your child.

10. A sign that your child could be using drugs is that he suddenly hates you and your life partner, He hates you, your friends the neighbors, his life, the dog, the cat, his room, and his little sister. Every teenager goes through a period of self discovery, when they realize they are going to grow up to be just like you. But that does not mean he has to hate you and everything you stand for. He grew up in your home, he should be somewhat used to what happens there.

Ask his teachers if they have noticed any negative changes in your child. Always keep the lines of communication open with your children. Always ask how school was. Ask to help with his homework. Be involved with your child's life. Be apart of his life. Volunteer your time, for what he is interested in. Show up to his sporting games, and be supportive. Have dinner together as a family several times a week. Research has shown that having dinner together keeps families together, and healthy as a family unit.

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