Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Father's Day tribute to my husband!

My husband is the most wonderful, awesome, terrific, inspiring, father ever. My husband should win Father of the Year Award every year for what a great Dad he is.Written by Kate Johns
My husband is not one of those nut job Dads that loses his children at home, going on TV pleading for their very lives, when in fact the little cherubs are playing hide n seek in the garage attic. No, my husband is the real deal. He is an old fashioned, admittedly boring kind of guy, but he is the "Best Dad Ever."
When we became pregnant the father of my children was the happiest man in the world. When I gave birth to our firstborn child, who was a boy baby, my husband beamed. He held our son every chance he got. He held him so much, I told him to stop fearing he would spoil him. My husband gleefully took the overnight feedings while I lay in bed trying to sleep.When we had our second child, my husband happily took over night feedings, and managed to be quiet all day so I could hold our new baby and feed her during the day.
He has lost several jobs in his search for himself over the years. But that did not stop my husband, he pursued better jobs in an earnest effort to stay off the unemployment line.He cried when he would lose a job, and then say,that he felt badly for the kids. My husband was the guy that worked three or four jobs so our kids would have a roof over their heads, and food in their bellies.
He has protected our children through many years, always dependable, reliable, always there for them. When our oldest child was in college, he did a better job of calming our son down when school became too tough for him. Our son would call me , attempting to get sympathy and what he got from his father was a major motivational speech.
My husband has always been the man  right for the job of Father. He stepped into the role, ready, willing and able to give hugs, yell when necessary, and back me up when I need it. Hey, it may have taken him a couple of years to get the Father role down to perfection, but he did it, and never considered being a Dad a job too tough to handle. COPYRIGHT 2012!!

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