Saturday, March 24, 2012

Five Simple Questions to Ask Men

Listen guys there are some questions we girls need to ask you. We women have a lot of questions on our minds anyways. But now, we have questions that have to deal directly with you. We're just trying to work on keeping the relationship going in the only way we know how; by communicating. We only have five questions to ask of you this time around. It could be a lot worse, you know, we couldn't come up with a questionnaire of at least 100 questions.

1.Why do men snore so loudly?
We've tried everything. We've tried sleeping on one side all night and that didn't work. We tried sleeping downstairs, but we could still hear you snoring through the walls. We've even
tried sleeping outside, and there's not much room in that dog house. Possibly, it's time to go to the doctor and get it checked out to see how you can tone down that super loud vibrating thing you've got going on in your throat. It's so bad, we can't even hear airplanes flying over.

2.Why do men always have to drive the car?
When we go someplace together how come you guys almost always run over to the driver's side of the car? Now why is that? Maybe we want to drive this time. Really we are very good drivers. Don't worry, be happy! This way you can play with the radio. You can sit back and relax. And you can finish up your work from the office. It's a win-win situation.

3.Why can't you pick up after yourself?
How come you say you pick up after yourself, but we are almost always the ones that do the picking up? It's a proven fact that women do most of the housework, with so many hours a week going into the picking up and cleaning chores. You see with both of us picking up after ourselves, we have more time to spend doing what you want; like watching sports.

4.What are you thinking about?
If we didn't ask, you never would tell us. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, after all, do we really want to know how you lust after Halle Berry, or Angelina Jolie? Once in a while you could let us know what's going on. Let us in, you don't have handle it all alone.
And the most important question of all:

We need to know if we still look pretty to you. And yes, we need to know if our butts look big in our new jeans. When we get our haircut, it would be so nice for you to notice and say, "Your hair looks great" This may even score big points for you in the bedroom. If you tell us that we great when we are exhausted-you'll be scoring big time. Copyright 2012(c)---which means you are not allowed by law to use reproduce any part of the blog post for profit!!


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