Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who has the ultimate power deciding if you have a baby? by Kate Johns

Having children is both a choice that we female people make and it is decided by a power higher us. We decide by taking preventative means to impede pregnancy. We physically and mentally make the decision. We have the power to determine when we want to have children. But a higher power, call it divine intervention, yes, and call it God many times makes the decision for us. Sometimes we are as human beings completely powerless to do anything about it.

Women can decide when they want to have kids. Many women today start a career and work until the career is fully set in motion and then get married. By the time the career is off and running then a woman may feel that the time is right to have a child. Once she discusses with her partner that she wants to have a child then the couple has made a distinct choice to have a child. They want to start a family.

But sometimes no matter how hard we try, the choice is taken away from us. It is all part of God's plan for us as people to have children or not. We have the choice and we can make a baby possible, and we can choose no to have a child. But God does play a role in the creation of children, and sometimes he or she decides the time may not be right for a woman to have a baby. It can actually be an unfair turn of events in a woman's life when she decided the time is right to finally have a baby. But when nature and God decides differently and we are powerless and must accept that God has another plan for us.
God does play a role in creating children in the first place. It is truly a miracle when a fetus becomes a baby inside a woman for nine months. And who is responsible for those miracles? God is. Call it divine intervention, or what ever you want but God does create miracles still in today's society. And yes, growing a baby inside a woman's body is a miraculous event. So, yes God does play a role in making a choice as to whether we women can have children.

Nature and science also come into play with making a choice as to whether a woman has a baby. Nature, in other words a woman's body, and a man's body also determines whether a woman can have a child. Some women can't have children due to an early hysterectomy or because she has medical problems such as she has a disease that makes it impossible for her to have a child. Then you could say that the choice of having a child is taken away from her by nature, and possibly even God. Of course she can decide to adopt or have someone physically have the baby for her.

When you come down to it, there are many variables that decide if a woman has the choice or she doesn't have the choice of having children. Every woman can make the decision to have children, but because God has other plans for a woman, or because nature has taken its course, sometimes these decisions are taken out of a woman's hands.

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