Monday, March 26, 2012

The Ten Answers you are NOT supposed to give at a job interview, but might want to. Written by Kate Johns

Millions upon millions of people are looking for jobs. When you send a resume for a job and get your foot in the door for an interview, you will be asked a myriad of nosey questions.

With gas prices being at an all time high, people arguing about politics, we all are taking life too seriously. So here's a little job search humor for you.
When asked the top ten questions in a  job interview, these are the top ten answers you are not supposed to give, but REALLY might want to:

1.When asked by the interviewer; "Why did you apply for this job?"
The answer you most likely would  give is: "Your company matches my criteria for a growing career."
The answer you are not supposed to give is---
" I have to keep my kids in electronic gadgets, such as video games, cell phones, and Ipods."

2. When asked the question of what your sex, or gender is the answer you are supposed to give is male or female. But don't you just want to say, "I'm asexual. I am neither male nor female."

3.Let's say the interviewer asks how old you are, which is against the law, your answer is supposed to be your correct age, or your birth date. However the answer you shouldn't say is: "Why don't you guess?"

4. How did you find out about this job? The correct answer would be: "A current employee, of insert name here, told me this position is currently open."
The not supposed to say answer; "My dog, Lassie, barked out the message to me yesterday."

5. How much do you think you should make in this employment position?
Answer you are supposed to give: "My salary will be deemed upon my experience."
Not supposed to say answer:
 "A dollar a year. My lawyer will negotiate the terms of the contract for bonuses, and stock options later."

6. What is your greatest accomplishment?
The answer you are supposed to give---"Selling 120 articles in two years to various publishers."
The not supposed to give answer---"Figuring out what my dog, Lassie, was trying to tell me yesterday."

7.What did you dislike about your last position?The correct answer should be something like, "I disliked having too much vacation time."
The not supposed to be answer:"I disliked being told what to do."

8. What have you been doing since your last job? The correct answer would go something like this---"I have been volunteering at my children's schools, became PTA President, and started a new successful website."
The not supposed to give answer: "I caught up on all of my favorite TV shows."

9.What problems did you face at your last job, and how did you deal with them? Right answer: "I deal with challenges head on."
Not supposed to give answer; "My last job was too stressful, and I began drinking heavily."

10. What have you learned from your previous positions? The best answer would be: "I learned that  I am very persistent and responsible."
The not supposed to give answer: "I learned that I hated my last job."Copyright 2012, means written by Kate Johns, and you do not have permission to use my information!!

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