Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to cope with your life partner's unemployment by Kate Johns

 Coping with your partner's job loss is all in how you look at it. It can either be a devastating blow to your economic and emotional world, or this can be a wonderfully fun, enriching life changing time.
When your spouse has been fired or laid off, he or she should be able to get unemployment benefits. You may not be able to afford to go on vacation, but you still can enjoy life.


Life has a way of making major changes for you. Many times when something happens, it may seem like the end of the world, when in reality it actually is a new door opening up offering unlimited, good possibilities. When your partner becomes unemployed, you will of course have less money coming in. But this may be a good thing that has happened. This new change may force you out of a bad lifestyle. Your life partner may have been miserable working in her past job. He may have been working long hours, with little pay.  He may have been working for a boss that was rude. Your spouse may feel relieved, (yet worried about finances), that he has the freedom to look for another, possibly a better job. Be positive, things will get better.


Now is the time to truly dig down deep, and remember all of the reasons why you  are in a relationship with your partner. Think about all of his good characteristics, using those to channel positive energy to your life partner. Complaining, ranting and raving will get you nowhere fast. But if you think positively, then things will not be as bad as they seem.


Even though life may be very stressful right now, you must remember to do something for yourself. What this means is to take some time out of your day or busy evening and do what you really want to do. Perhaps you can go for a long walk. You could exercise. Plan a night out with a friend or two to have some fun. Take a hot bath or get your back massaged. Your partner is home, maybe he can do it.


In order to be able to work out any problems you may be having when your partner becomes unemployed, talk to a relative or a close friend. Go for a walk with your friend, or have an inexpensive lunch together and really open up. Sometimes, just talking to someone else about your problems is a major eye opener because the other person has a different viewpoint. She may be able to find viable solutions for you in this case.


When your partner becomes unemployed you will need to tell everyone you know about being unemployed. This is nothing to feel badly about today due to the current state of the economy. You will need to tell co-workers, friends, relatives and neighbors about this recent bout of unemployment. One of these people may know of a new job or own a company where he is creating or knows of new upcoming jobs.

You can investigate new jobs for your life partner online and in newspapers. Your spouse may not know that Craig’s List offers free job listings. A relative of yours or a friend may know someone who knows of a job  in your partner's line of work.

Coping with a spouse’s unemployment is not an easy thing to do, but you have to stay positive if not for your own good, but for your family and for your partner. Remember to take care of yourself, and indulge in something you enjoy doing as well during what can be a very stressful, trying time.

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