Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five ways to celebrate being shy; living life to the fullest as an introvert by Kate Johns

As Paula Abdul said many times on American Idol. "Stay true to yourself."
Living with shyness can be a life filled with wonderful opportunities--- love, family, fun and  having a great job. You do not have to act like being shy is the worst thing in the world. You just have to live life to the fullest and enjoy being who you really are. After all people who are obnoxious do not worry about their character traits, living life hiding how obnoxious they are.

Five ways to celebrate being shy and truly live life to the fullest:

1. Realize that you are shy, and that’s the way you will always be. Feel proud that you are shy. There are millions of shy people in this world, so you are not alone. Start a group of introverted people online. People who have illnesses, diseases, and who are certain personality types live every day to the fullest. You can too!

2. If you are uncomfortable with being shy, then take steps to become more of an extrovert. Take courses and read books learning the steps to becoming less shy. If you are truly uncomfortable with stepping out of your shyness, take small steps to becoming less shy. Hang out at traditionally shy-people places such as libraries, small social gatherings, and lectures. You will be out of your home, with other people, enjoying what you like to do.

3. Work at a job you really want to work at. Work at a job that you will feel comfortable with. Many shy people choose careers working at what they love such as book writers, engineers, animators, and artists. By working at a career you love, you will have something in common with other people. You will have a common denominator to share with other people, making for interesting conversation.

4. Usually shy people are more introverted than people who aren’t shy (extroverts). Just because society has classified you into a category, does not mean you have to suffer. Enjoy your shyness. You do not have to have a large crowd surrounding you. Do what you want to do. Go to movies with one friend, not ten. Make two or three really good friends, not 25 more distant friends. Go to cafes, instead of large restaurants. Bring a book or a magazine to read, making you feel more comfortable.

5. Celebrate being shy by joining in on a shy person's activities. Shy people usually have a more difficult time than those extroverts in talking face to face with people. You can still talk to people by using the Internet. Make thousands of new friends by friending them on Facebook, Twitter, and by utilizing e-mail. Become more independent by going for walks, going to small restaurants, and by going to museums, and malls alone. Invite a friend or two to activities you enjoy such as playing video games, taking care of animals, or watching movies or plays.

The key to living life to the fullest as a shy person is to enjoy who you really are. Being shy is not a disease. Even though society may treat you as though you have a problem because you are introverted, that does not mean that you have to live life like you are expected to. After all, every kind of person is celebrated in society, so hold your head up high, and enjoy being who you really are.

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