Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things You can do while watching TV

Did you know for every thirty minutes of television there are about eight minutes of ads? Essentially that means a half hour show shortens to 22 minutes of actual show time. This means that hour long show, could have been over in about 40 minutes.
For many people that means watching TV becomes very dull, and you will want to find more interesting things to do while watching TV.
You can do just about anything while watching TV including reading, crafting, sewing, or cleaning. Here are the  things you can do while watching TV:


While watching TV, knit or crochet usable items to give away such as gifts to family and friends, or to organizations that give such items to people who need them. Make crafts while watching TV; such as painting scenery, ceramic items such as ducks, or painting an item you will use in your home such as a wood table or chair. Puzzles can be made and taken apart while watching TV.


Millions of people partake in productive activities while watching TV. Millions of people have the TV on in their homes so that they have background noise, making them feel like they are not home alone. While many people listen to music while reading books or magazines, many teens and young adults tune in to a favorite program while doing homework. When a partner watches his favorite TV show, or sports game, the other partner can read a book, or log onto a laptop checking email, getting work done, or perhaps watching a favorite TV show.


While watching TV, clean the room the TV is in. Turn on a BIG screen TV, crank up the volume and clean several rooms while watching your favorite TV shows. Multitask by turning on the TV to watch all the action or catch the latest breaking news while you get that boring cleaning done. 


Exercising while watching TV has become a very popular way of working off those unwanted pounds. Get into stellar shape, all while watching your favorite show. Many exercise facilities have numerous TVs set up combating the boredom of riding an unmoving bike, or walking on a machine that stays in one place. Watch exercise videos to work off unwanted pounds. Exercise with video games made just to keep people active and healthy.

There are numerous things you can do while watching TV, such as cooking, getting ready for work, or talking on the phone with a friend. You can also eat a meal while watching TV, take a nap, paint a room, or just about anything you can think of, that is a more productive way of spending your time. copyright 2011 (c), written by freelance author Kate Johns.

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